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Student accommodation highlights. If you cater for Students within your portfolio then some research from the UK's largest student accommodation website may be of benefit in assisting you in how you market your student properties in the future. Meeting potential tenants requirements can be the difference between a successful viewing or not. A review of over 1500 students has confirmed that 61.8% of students said that price was the most important factor when choosing a property. The next most influencing factor was the condition and upkeep of the property but only 19% of students listed this as very important!

A high speed internet connection ranks as the most important feature for a property to have. A whopping 88% considered this to be 'quite' or 'very' importnant. Ask yourself do you have this in your proeprty? Can you have it installed? Do you list it in your adverts? Other important factors included the availability of storage space, functional and well sized communal spaces and the provision of double beds.

A Whopping 88% of Students consider fast a internet connection as highly important when choosing their accommodation for the upcoming year. Along with price these are 2 of the most important factors when letting to students! Get this right and you've cracked it.

The importance of being able to socialise at home has also become increasingly apparent amongst Students. A study by the National Union of Students (NUS) reveals that 80% of students frequently socialised at home, with the next most importnant social location being the pub!

The majority of students answering the survey revealed they generally socialised at home rather than going out. Students choose regularly eat, watch TV and drink together at home. Parties and communal studying are less frequent according to the respondants and 53% engage in regular gaming. (xbox/playstation). 

30% of students believed that including bills within the rent was very important. A further 40% thought it quite important. Only 26% felt it wasn't important. Do you include bills in your student lets.

  • Price is the most important factor for 62%
  • 88% rank high speed internet as the most important feature
  • 70% rate bills included in the rent as quite or very important
  • 60% had a positive relationship with their landlord

Students did report that they had a wide ranging list of issues with landlords and agents mainly consisting of a lack of communication and a perceived lack of response on maintainence. 36% of students claim to have never experienced any problem at all. Quite interestingly 94% believed that the accreditation of student property was a good thing.

So in summary if you have a student property it may be worth focusing on some of the above to minimise your voids.

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