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Important information for Landlords

How much does it cost to advertise my properties?

Our pricing structure is very simple. It is FREE!  You can advertise all your properties on our website. You can list unlimited property listings, unlimited edits to your adverts, 2 featured adverts on any of your live available properties. You are in complete control of your listings and can provide as little or as much information as you like. Whether you have 1 empty property or 100 you can advertise them all as many times per year as you like for one fee.

Am I in a contract?

No, you are not committing yourself to any form of contract and therefore you can cancel and close your account at anytime. You are not obligated to renew your membership and you are given notice prior to renewal to confirm whether you wish to continue with your account or not. If you no longer need to advertise just choose not to renew.

How many pictures can I upload?

Picture uploads are unlimited, pictures are automatically resized to fit within our listings so all you need to do is drag and drop. For your own benefit it is often easier to resize your photographs down to a smaller file size of around 200kb purely to allow speedier uploading of your pictures. Many modern cameras take 4/5mb sized pictures and when uploading a large amount of these it can take a while. Resizing of pictures is easy and can be done with MS Paint which is free to use. If you need more help with this let us know.

What will happen when I register as a landlord?

As soon as you've completed the simple registration process you will be able to log into your account. You will notice a 'Manage Properties' tab at the top of the page which is where you will create your adverts and provide details of how you prefer to be contacted by prospective tenants. Everything is very easily laid out and if you get stuck there is a handy download document available to help you get started and get your advert live. If you are unsure of anything simply contact us and we'll be able to help.

Do my properties stay in my account after I've let it out?

Yes, if you have created multiple adverts they will all be listed in your account area permanently. You will notice by the side of each property a tab saying published. Simply click this tab to toggle your advert from being live or not. This means that should a property you've previously listed become vacant again you can simply click publish and it will now start to show in the search results. No need to create the advert again saving you lots of time. Also once you've successfully rented your property just 1 click removes it from the results to stop you receiving future enquiries.

I made a mistake in my property advert, can I amend it?

Yes, you have complete editorial control over your adverts. You can amend them as many times as you like until you are 100% happy with them. 

How long does it all take?

From creating your account, to creating your advert, to it appearing in search results takes less than 10 minutes. So you could literally have your properties live and in the results within 10 minutes from now! Everything is carried out in realtime so as soon as you make a change or create a new listing it happens immediately.

How do people contact me?

When you create your advert you can choose what information about yourself you want publishing with the advert. This can be a lot or very little. Its up to you. If you just want to be contacted by email or via the contact form in your advert thats fine, alternatively you can list your phone numbers, MSN, Skype, Facebook details and so on. Its all decided by you. If you don't want your personal number showing but don't mind being contacted by phone we can arrange an anonymous phone number for you that will redirect to a mobile or landline of your choice at no extra cost. 

Can I really advertise as many properties as I want?

Yes, there really is no catch. You can create as many adverts for different properties as you want. The adverts stay live until such time you unpublish them and so they last as long as required until your property is let. If your property becomes vacant again simply republish the advert and go again. An advert in your local paper for just 1 property would cost more and would be history in a few days. 

Can I see how many people have viewed my advert/s?

Yes, once you are logged into your account simply select whichever advert you want information on. You will notice a tab name 'Stats'. Click that to see how many viewers your advert has had broken down by day/week/month. you can also see the usernames of viewers and the number of guest viewings. This is handy as if your advert is not receiving as many views as you'd like you could consider amending something (pictures/price) to attract more interest. 

How do I get my property on the homepage?

The good news is that your property will automatically feature on our homepage. Our system automatically selects random properties from the database to display as well as showing the most recent listings and the most popular ones by hits. There is no extra cost for this and its great advertising for you.

What type of property can I advertise?

We allow adverts for all type of properties providing you are the landlord of the property. Bungalows, houses, flats, apartments, house shares, commercial. You name it.

Do you need to 'Approve' my adverts?

When you create an advert it is automatically approved and becomes live on the site straight away. We do regularly check listings and reserve the right to amend an advertisement if we feel there is sufficient reason to do so.

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If you've already decided then simply click here to register your account. If you still have any questions feel free to contact us here and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have 


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